About Us


When you think of a Raptor, many things probably come to mind. Maybe an F-22 flying at mach 2 or a prehistoric creature that you might have seen in Jurassic Park. The qualities and attributes of both are still the same: quick, efficient, and intelligent. This is how Raptor Engineering does business.


Raptor Engineering is poised in becoming the leading building automation and energy engineering firm in our market areas. The company’s experience spans over 55 years collectively. Not only does Raptor Engineering encompass years of technical experience in the building automation/direct digital control and energy services markets, but it stands among very few as a licensed engineering firm in the services that it provides.


The engineering support that we have contributed in our market area has been second to none. As the push for green buildings and energy reduction measures has forced creativity in the mechanical design of engineers, our role in the support and function of those designs will become more important than ever before giving us a distinct advantage. Our engineering relationships have proven that we have a major strength in this area.


Serving the great State of Texas, we cover a large territory. We are not just another energy and building solutions company, we provide total building energy and automation engineering insights for our customers. So go ahead, make our day, and call Raptor!


• Serve Our Customers.

• Lead Our Staff.

• Manage Our Business.